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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The coolest birthday party idea ever....

We have found the coolest, most awesome tween/teen party ever!! Kaylee was invited to the 14th birthday of a school friend. When I dropped her off, the mom told me that the girls were going to go on the 360 Party Bus. For those of you who don't know, the 360 Party Bus is this radical bus/motor coach that you can rent out, complete with a drive - to drive around and party. For the kids, they had music (really loud!), dancing, and pizza - while they cruised around Asheville. I'm not sure if I should be proud, or what....but she was quite excited to tell me that the bus had a "strip pole." OMG!!! Garrett summed it up the best by saying, "Hey Mom, we watch Law and Order. We have seen those things on tv." Stripper pole aside, the 360 Party Bus was a huge hit with the kids. Lana and Garrett are planning their upcoming birthday parties on the bus - and I am super excited since it means no cleaning up for me :o).

On another, more serious note, Jude is staying an extra night in the hospital. Since his birth, his breathing has been off and shallow, and he is a bit jaundiced. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers....we really want him home soon!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hey Jude....

It's official. Baby has a name...and his own song ;o)

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I'm an aunt...again!!

After a long couple of weeks, the latest addition to the family has arrived! Lil bro's wifey has been having the contractions - the real thing - yesterday. Finally last night around 10pm, they drove to the hospital (30 minutes away) for a labor check. No go....progressing, but not ready. Disappointed, they headed home to wait longer. That was 11:30pm.

At 3:00am this morning, I received the anticipated call. Not only were they at the hospital - ready to have this baby, but they barely made it...the baby was crowning!! For the first time of their lives, my kiddos woke up with a smile and we raced to the hospital. We had just walked in the waiting room, when Grandma came out...are you ready? IT'S A BOY!! 8 pounds 4 ounces. Baby is named Baby for now, while Mom and Dad think about boy names (told y'all it was a boy! ;o), and all are resting comfortably.

Congratulations guys!! We're so happy for you <3

The happy family of 4!!

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Garrett and "Baby"
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Lana and "Baby"
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Kaylee and "Baby"
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Baby is coming....We think!!

My baby bro and his wife are headed to the hospital after a long day of some pretty intense contractions. Could they be one of the lucky ones with a baby born on 8/8/08? Could it be at 8:08? SIL say HECCCKKKK NO!! She's ready for this kid, already!

Now the waiting begins...

Top 10 Signs You're Addicted to Blogging

1) A snack sized bag of Dorito's is a well-rounded meal - for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2) 2 hours of sleep a night.

3) There's no clean laundry.

4) There's no clean family members.

5) The kiddos are sporting a "dirt-tan" and dreadlocks.

6) There's no need for clean laundry.

7) The kiddos are begging for vegetables to supplement their Ramen.

8) The kiddos are begging for clean dishes in which to eat their Ramen.

9) The kiddos are begging for someone (anyone!) else too cook their Ramen.

10) The pets have resorted to eating Ramen crumbs off the floor.

And might want to seek treatment when your kids resort to eating Ramen crumbs off the floor.

My name is CrazyLady, and I'm a blogaholic.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last day of summer...UPDATE!!!

I am so proud of myself!!! After my last post, the kiddos were really begging to continue with our original plans. Lana's Tylenol kicked in bringing her fever completely down, and she promised that she felt fine...and really, I mean really wanted to go. So we packed a few things, and hit the road!

Quick recap: Sliding Rock was extremely cold and had long lines so the kids only went down twice - except for Garrett. Somehow he managed to go down about 10 times by sliding down the edge right by the where the line was formed. He didn't want to leave when it was time to go (go figure ;o), but he finally succumbed to threats of having the park rangers ban him forever (okay, so not my best moment of parenting...but certainly not my worst - LOL). Next we stopped at Looking Glass Falls, and it was packed! There was a large church youth group from Texas - as well as the regular tourists. The water wasn't quite as cold as Sliding Rock, but still registered as cold on my feet. The kids swam around, explored the bottom with their goggles, played under the falls, and Garrett watched people climbing up a very steep and narrow (dangerous) path right by the falls. He thought about it (he later told me), but decided it probably was a bad idea. Kaylee fell and twisted her leg (she's okay now) and we left. We stopped for a nutritious lunch of Doritos's and headed home. Check out the pics from what turned out to be a pretty fun last day of summer.

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Last day of summer....

Today is what we consider our last day of summer - I have to work the next two days, Kaylee has a friend's birthday party on Saturday, her family party is on Sunday, and Monday is not only her "Big Day," but Lana and Garrett have their mandatory open house as well. Oh...and we have to buy the mountains of school supplies, get the school clothes pressed and ready, and make sure that there is school lunch food in the house - somewhere during the weekend, too. So it is the final day of laziness - no responsibilities and no place to be.

I had big plans for today - Sliding Rock (it's a really cool natural rock water slide about an hour from us) and Looking Glass Falls(awesome waterfall that you can swim under). So I woke up early to accomplish all of those mundane tasks like laundry, dishes, and cleaning so we could head out for fun. Lana woke up about an hour after me complaining of a headache. Thinking it was just that morning exhaustion, I gave her Tylenol and a kiss, and went about my business. Awhile later, I noticed that she seemed a little pale - and just looked like she felt awful. After taking her tempey (101.0), it hit me! A side effect from her 6th grade immunizations yesterday. How quickly one forgets. With three kids and numerous shots, I don't ever remember side-effects. Maybe it's the mommy filters (you know, the thing that makes you forget how painful labor was ;o), but no one I have asked seems to remember. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't handle sickness (ie:fevers) well. Okay, so that's an understatement...I am totally freaked out!! No going out today. No water fun. Instead, Lana will lay on the couch with Powerade and goldfish, watching movies (how relieved I was to find that The Spiderwick Chronicles is finally on-demand). She will answer me with annoyance each and every time I ask her if she is okay. Garrett will be extra-nice (as this only happens when someone is sick), and Kaylee will be extra-grouchy (as she is extra-bored).

Not necessarily the best way to spend the last day of summer, but hopefully, this will pass quickly, and we can squeeze some real fun in the next few days.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bele Chere 2008 - Karaoke

It's taken a while, but I was finally able to upload the karaoke videos from the desktop. Check out the kiddos singing karaoke!!

Bele Chere video #1:

Bele Chere video #2:

Monday, August 4, 2008

Reminiscing - Summer 2008

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Back to school

It's a bittersweet time of year - back to school time. There is excitement since summer has grown increasingly boring (thanks to staying home because of high gas prices), and the kids are missing their friends. We don't live in a neighborhood with many children, so the 3 have had to be playmates with each other - a lot more than they care to. There's the excitement of school supplies and new clothes...and seeing how everyone has changed over the summer.

But, then there is the part of having to go to bed early, and even worse, having to wake up early. This one concerns me, as Kaylee is still sleeping as I type, and it's 1:25 pm!!! There is homework and strict schedules. And finally, there is the fact that I will miss my kids being home all day with me.

But, alas, we will all adjust, and this year will fly by - giving me the harsh but realistic reminder that my kids will be gone before I know it. I will savor this next week, because they will never be 9, 11, and 13 again.