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Monday, December 15, 2008

Are you stealing my Christmas list???!!!

So...I posted last week, my desires for Christmas this year. In the #1 spot, was the one thing I have wanted for the past 2 years - a Blackberry. Robbie has always argued that he doesn't see the point in these smartphones. We just need phones that dial and receive calls - blah, blah, blah. What a poopie head! Oh, but it gets better...Saturday, he calls me to ask about eh Blackberry. My heart jumped for just a minute - until I realized that he was asking for his own interest. Yup, that's right. Mr Ionlyneedaphonetocall is now getting a Blackberry. WTH??!!! Okay, okay....I'm really not mad (disappointed a tad maybe). After all, he does so much for us - including allowing me to get a monstrous dog. He deserves it...and we're excited to see him enter the new millennium!

He was ready for change...

You life doesn't have enough chaos, or so it seems. Today we added a third school to the mix. Garrett has been unhappy at his charter school this year, and decided to chck out our zoned elementary school. Initially this morning, we stopped by for a tour to aid in out final decision about switching - after the winter break. The school must have an incredible marketing campaign for the kiddos, because by the time we finished, Garrett had his bookbag and was heading into his new classroom!! I don't tink I have seen him this happy and "sparkly" since w moved here. I'm hoping for an incredible remainder of 4th grade. If this afternoon was any indication, it should reach far beyond our expectations. Garrett had his homework completed before I even got home from picking up the girls! Kinda makes it worth the added chaos - time crunchd schedules, volunteer time, etc.