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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Starting again...I promise!!!

So...I made a vow to start my daily blogging again, and true to my nature, I procrastinated and the entire summer passed by with nary a post. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I have now added blogging into my schedule on the Blackberry (yayz!! I finally got one for Valentine's day =).

I will recap some of our summer activities over the upcoming weeks - and there are a lot to share: 4th of July in Florida, Kaylee's 15th birthday, the passing of her permit test (eventually!), and lots of plain ole fun! It has been such an exciting and eventful summer, that I couldn't begin to cover it all in one catch-up post. And besides, there's so much happening in our life right now, that I don't want to miss that either.

We are approaching the end of summer vacation - 6 days away, in fact - and anyone who knows us well knows that we never stay still for long. Last year, in September, we finally moved out of our temporary living situation into a more permanent home....or so we thought. After a year, we realized that there were some aspects of the house that weren't working. The main issues have centered around the yard, or lack of usable well as the absence of a fenced in yard for the giant dog. Add to that no central air, and quite frankly, just a bad feeling in the house, and we realized that we should possibly look into our moving options.

As luck would have it, the neighbors down the street just moved out, leaving us with a possible option. After calling the landlord, meeting with him, and giving the house a once-over, we realized that this would be a better option for us. Of the amenities that we like, the kids would probably about out that their favorite is the half-finished tree house in the backyard. This isn't some kid-built rickety old tree house, either. The guy who started building it must have had an awesome set of plans and is amazing! Garrett and Robbie will be finishing it out with the walls and roof soon...and it will be camp out and air soft war ready! Kaylee and Lana are particularly excited about a covered patio area - that they have already mentally landscaped and decorated for parties/get-togethers. And I am thrilled with the clean yard and fenced-in back for the dogs...and CENTRAL AC!!! Other than that, the house is pretty much the same layout as where we are now. Amazing how what can seem so minor makes all the difference in the world =)

We are set to move on September 15...follow along and see if I can really hold it all together as they start school!! IT should be an eventful next 3 weeks! Follow along for our progress and pics!!