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My oldest affectionately (I hope!!) named me that, and I figured it was only appropriate - for both me...and this blog ;o)

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things...

Recently I was tagged on Facebook to list 25 random things about me. Thought I'd include it here as well....

1. I adore my kids...and their friends - I actually enjoy having them around :)
2. I regularly allow my children to take "personal days" off from school.
3. I bungee jumped 2 months after giving birth (proving that I wasn't washed up - just
4. I am a horrible procrastinator...and allow the kids to be too (bad mom!).
5. I'm terrified of sickness and hospitals...more than terrified - it's a phobia.
6. I love to drive around aimlessly.
7. Sometimes I stay in my pajamas all day - hahahaha!
8. I'm a die-hard Democrat!
9. I give in to my kids way too much...daily, in fact.
10. I HATE to cook, but I'm pretty good at it when I do.
11. Ice cream has been dinner before (see above :).
12. I love baseball!!
13. I don't love NASCAR.
14. Sometimes I forget to eat.
15. Sometimes I forget to feed the dogs and cat...
16. and I have even forgotten to feed my children - lmbo!
17. I have texted while driving before...but finally pulled over because it was too hard.
18. I love Jimi Hendrix...
19. and Clay Aiken - BWAAHH!!
20. Wild Wings' bleu cheese sticks are my favorite food.
21. I have a bad - really bad - temper.
22. I don't handle my own money well.
23. I pray for snow days in the winter...and used to pray for hurricane days in the fall.
24. I coached gymnastics.
25. I do these lists/surveys when I don't wanna work!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Too long...

With the chaos of the holidays, I neglected my blogging duties (along with a few other duties).'s my attempt to catch up =)

Our Christmas break was completely full of family, friends, fun, and gifts...Lana and Garrett's birthday parties, numerous sleepovers, Nana coming to visit, 3am bedtimes, and oh yea...there was the actual Christmas celebrations. The kids were most excited about their main present. They finally have their own cell phones!!! And believe me, they have been put to good use - LOL. They were also able to extend the spirit of receiving with their numerous gift cards. I think we shopped for 2 weeks straight! Robbie is now the proud owner of a Blackberry (which he still learning to use =), and I am still the proud owner of a Great Dane.

I think this year was the best Christmas really is exciting and fun as the kids get older and older. Check out the memories from the last few weeks.

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