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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just like the Red Sox Thursday night, the 2A Astros came back from 7-2 in the last inning to win the game. An exciting feat, and the best part? Garrett had the tying and winning RBI's. Looks like he's back!! After last week's triple (a real one - not because of an error on the other team) and a close slide under the tag to steal home, Garrett's mojo is back!! Now if he can just keep it until spring....WTG Garrett!!!

PS...Don't you wish you had stayed 5 more minutes? LOL

These nights must end soon, right? Right?!!?

Puppy life has proved to be nothing less than eventful. Athena is settling in and making herself comfortable...with Frankie watching over her each and every move. He has become quite protective over his new baby - actually growling and nipping at Kaylee and Garrett for getting too close to Athena. He is never far from her side...when she sleeps, he lies beside her watching her breathe. Sweet, but maybe a little obsessive - LOL.

The first 2 nights home were sleepless - for me, that is. I have had puppies before, and crate trained them successfully, knowing that at first they might whine and bark for a few minutes before they quiet down. Not Athena! She would bark all night (and I mean literally all night) long. Yesterday I put her in the crate, and she barked for 4 hours straight!! Not wanting to start a feud with our new neighborhood, I knew I had to find an alternative. So, to the ballgame she went, where she was played with and gawked at for 2 hours, and then I brought her home, fed her, and put her and Frankie in the kitchen with the gate. They seem to be getting along well, so I assumed that they would be safe left alone together - and they were. Just short of a miracle, they both stayed quiet until 4:30am...quite the feat considering that Thursday night, I was up at 1:00am and finally 3:00am for the day. It is amazing how good 6 hours of sleep feels. Today I am totally refreshed - and ready for a couple of ballgames. Here's hoping that we have broken the no-sleep habit....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

It's official...we added a new member to our family. A 4-legged one. We are now proudly owned by a 7 week old Great Dane, Athena. Isn't she sweet?