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Friday, October 3, 2008

My baby's gone...

So, I had plans to blog about dropping Lana off at her weekend camping trip - complete with pics of all the girls, but as I am still learning, the best laid plans can change ;o).

We started the afternoon off with dropping Garrett off with the grandparents, and headed out for the drive to Green River Preserve. Being perpetually early, we arrived with 30+ minutes to spare. No problem, Lana and her friends ran off to play while they waited for the teachers and chaperones. As the masses of girls arrived, we found out that Lana was set to bunk with a group of campers from the other school attending - none of which she knew. For some kids, this could be seen as an adventure, but for Lana (who until this morning wasn't completely sure she would go) it was a disaster. After talking to every adult at the campsite, to find out that they weren't the ones who could fix it, we found the right teachers. Problem solved. Lana was allowed to choose one girl and they put her in that cabin. WHEW! That one had me a little concerned. So, after hugs and kisses, Kaylee and I hit the trail (literally - it's 4 miles of windy dirt road), and headed home sans photos. Here's hoping to some good ones when Lana returns...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


(Nothing else to say ;o)

Our New BFF...

Maybe you've heard of him...

On the way home from the baseball game last night, Garrett took control of the radio (a rare twist since it's normally Kaylee's domain) and landed on "Faction," a punk-ish channel on Sirius. Tony Hawk was doing a call-in show, and Garrett, being the extrovert that he is, decided to call. He actually got through!! The convo went something like this:

DJ: Thanks for calling, what's your name?
Garrett: Garrett
DJ: What's that?
Garrett: Garrett

(This actually went on several times...guess it's the southern accent LOL)

DJ: What? Can you spell it?
Garrett: G A R R E T T
DJ: Oooohhh, Garrett. Okay What do you want to ask Tony?
Garrett: I just wanna tell him he's awesome.
DJ: But, what's your question?
Garrett: Nothing...just telling him that he's awesome.
DJ: You gotta better chance of talking to him if you have a question...
Garrett: Okay (thinking quickly), where does he get his boards.
DJ: Hang on...where are you calling from?
Garrett: NC

Screams from the kids (okay, actually all of us ;o)...OMG!!

Tony Hawk: Hi - gotta question for me?
Garrett: Where do you get your boards?
Tony Hawk: Birdhouse
Garrett: Um, okay...I should go to a website or something?
Lana: (interrupting) OMIGOISH!! TONY HAWK!!
Tony Hawk: (Kinda laughing) Yeah, you can go to the website...or a skateshop.
Garrett: Cool, thanks.
Tony Hawk: Thanks for calling.
Kaylee and Lana: NO WAY!! GARRETT JUST TALKED TO TONY HAWK!! (followed by screeching screams)

How cool is that...aside from the fact that Birdhouse is Tony Hawk's own company, and we probably should've known that's the boards he uses LOL.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remembering Rinnie

A few months ago, Kaylee received an e-mail asking for prayers for a former classmate and friend of hers. Rinnie, a 13 year old girl, had just been diagnosed with a tumor.

Sunday night, at 13, Rinnie lost her battle with cancer and died....a reminder that life can be so short and end so quickly. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers as they try to make sense of the last 5 months.

Visit Rinnie's website and her mom's blog for more on this sweet girl...