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Friday, August 29, 2008

Garrett is Soup!

Dear Mr. Peck,

I write this letter thanking you immensely for your series of Soup stories that are so endearing - and appropriate for young boys. I do have one small suggestion, though. Might you consider adding a disclaimer for all the parents of your potential readers? Oh sure, most readers will distinguish the fine line between humorous fiction and reality, but there is always one child (boy?) in the mix that will read your novels as a "how-to" book.

Case in point: Whipping apples sounds like great fun - especially in an open field. Whipping apples is not, however, appropriate when aiming at a sister's head, or when aiming at the windows of the construction company behind the back yard. (Oh, and did I mention that the disclaimer should apply to grandmothers as well as little boys?)

Tying little old ladies up is another example of the secret desire of many a lad. However actually tying up an older lady (or more specifically an older sister) is just the act that could land that young lad in a heap of trouble - especially when retaliation takes place.

And last, but not least, while I appreciate your love of nature and acorns, I fear that using said nuts to make a pipe might actually lead some children to think that smoking that pipe is acceptable, and in turn could very well be cause for CPS to launch an investigation.

I thank you for your consideration in the matter. While I understand that all of these examples are likely extreme, I do assure you that they are relevant - if only for a lone, 9 year old boy. And while I know that this little boy would most likely find much of this mischief on his own, I am not sure that we should offer a handbook. After all it could likely drive his mother to the insane asylum.

Crazy(even more so now ;o)Lady

PS...Even in light of the potential trouble, your books will continue to be a favorite in our home. After all, it is you that instilled a love of reading in my son...and for that, YOU ROCK!!.