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Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm an aunt...again!!

After a long couple of weeks, the latest addition to the family has arrived! Lil bro's wifey has been having the contractions - the real thing - yesterday. Finally last night around 10pm, they drove to the hospital (30 minutes away) for a labor check. No go....progressing, but not ready. Disappointed, they headed home to wait longer. That was 11:30pm.

At 3:00am this morning, I received the anticipated call. Not only were they at the hospital - ready to have this baby, but they barely made it...the baby was crowning!! For the first time of their lives, my kiddos woke up with a smile and we raced to the hospital. We had just walked in the waiting room, when Grandma came out...are you ready? IT'S A BOY!! 8 pounds 4 ounces. Baby is named Baby for now, while Mom and Dad think about boy names (told y'all it was a boy! ;o), and all are resting comfortably.

Congratulations guys!! We're so happy for you <3

The happy family of 4!!

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Garrett and "Baby"
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Lana and "Baby"
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Kaylee and "Baby"
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