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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last day of summer....

Today is what we consider our last day of summer - I have to work the next two days, Kaylee has a friend's birthday party on Saturday, her family party is on Sunday, and Monday is not only her "Big Day," but Lana and Garrett have their mandatory open house as well. Oh...and we have to buy the mountains of school supplies, get the school clothes pressed and ready, and make sure that there is school lunch food in the house - somewhere during the weekend, too. So it is the final day of laziness - no responsibilities and no place to be.

I had big plans for today - Sliding Rock (it's a really cool natural rock water slide about an hour from us) and Looking Glass Falls(awesome waterfall that you can swim under). So I woke up early to accomplish all of those mundane tasks like laundry, dishes, and cleaning so we could head out for fun. Lana woke up about an hour after me complaining of a headache. Thinking it was just that morning exhaustion, I gave her Tylenol and a kiss, and went about my business. Awhile later, I noticed that she seemed a little pale - and just looked like she felt awful. After taking her tempey (101.0), it hit me! A side effect from her 6th grade immunizations yesterday. How quickly one forgets. With three kids and numerous shots, I don't ever remember side-effects. Maybe it's the mommy filters (you know, the thing that makes you forget how painful labor was ;o), but no one I have asked seems to remember. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't handle sickness (ie:fevers) well. Okay, so that's an understatement...I am totally freaked out!! No going out today. No water fun. Instead, Lana will lay on the couch with Powerade and goldfish, watching movies (how relieved I was to find that The Spiderwick Chronicles is finally on-demand). She will answer me with annoyance each and every time I ask her if she is okay. Garrett will be extra-nice (as this only happens when someone is sick), and Kaylee will be extra-grouchy (as she is extra-bored).

Not necessarily the best way to spend the last day of summer, but hopefully, this will pass quickly, and we can squeeze some real fun in the next few days.