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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last day of summer...UPDATE!!!

I am so proud of myself!!! After my last post, the kiddos were really begging to continue with our original plans. Lana's Tylenol kicked in bringing her fever completely down, and she promised that she felt fine...and really, I mean really wanted to go. So we packed a few things, and hit the road!

Quick recap: Sliding Rock was extremely cold and had long lines so the kids only went down twice - except for Garrett. Somehow he managed to go down about 10 times by sliding down the edge right by the where the line was formed. He didn't want to leave when it was time to go (go figure ;o), but he finally succumbed to threats of having the park rangers ban him forever (okay, so not my best moment of parenting...but certainly not my worst - LOL). Next we stopped at Looking Glass Falls, and it was packed! There was a large church youth group from Texas - as well as the regular tourists. The water wasn't quite as cold as Sliding Rock, but still registered as cold on my feet. The kids swam around, explored the bottom with their goggles, played under the falls, and Garrett watched people climbing up a very steep and narrow (dangerous) path right by the falls. He thought about it (he later told me), but decided it probably was a bad idea. Kaylee fell and twisted her leg (she's okay now) and we left. We stopped for a nutritious lunch of Doritos's and headed home. Check out the pics from what turned out to be a pretty fun last day of summer.

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