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Monday, June 1, 2009

April 2009...and Spring Break!!!

April has probably been the funnest (yea, I know...not a word =) and most exciting month thus far. In the midst of track meets, high school cheerleading tryouts started. Kaylee spent a week eating, drinking, sleeping, and breathing cheerleading. It was so bad, that we would even hear Garrett chanting in his sleep, "Reynold's Rockets, the green, gold, and white..." It was hysterical...we all feel full of ACRHS pep!! The hard work paid off when she made the JV team!! I honestly don't think there's been a happier moment for Kaylee...ever. After almost 2 years of trying to get adjusted to a new school, town, and environment, she is finally doing what she was meant to do!!

Next...FINALLY...came spring break!!! Originally, we had planned on staying in town, hanging out around the house, and maybe hitting some local tourist spots, and relaxing. But as we sat at Garrett's ballgame on a warm and pretty day, he lure of the beach was just too much for us to handle. So at 5pm, we packed whatever clean clothes we could find, grabbed Athena, and headed for Daytona Beach!! Although we only stayed 3 days, it was full of sun and surf...and Brandon!! After we were beached out, we headed home so the kids could spend time with friends (read: Kaylee could see the boyfriend - LOL) and check out some of the local attractions and events. The kids enjoyed Blowing Rock and Linville Falls but the highlight of all highlights came when we saw the ACC All-Stars (including Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green!!) play with Crossfire ministries. So we never got our quiet and relaxing spring break, but in the was SOOO worth it!! Check out the highlights of the week =)

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