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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catching up!!!

I suppose the only way to start back blogging is to, as briefly as I can, catch up on our life over the past 6 months...covering all the missed milestones month-by-month. Here goes =)

January 2009:

What better way to ring in the new year than with Guitar Hero Mania!! After playing Garrett's Christmas gift on PS2, we all decided we needed the games for the Wii...and what a great investment! Great music and fun for family and friends!

Garrett hit the big double digits - 10...a very happy, but hectic birthday!! He had a small sleepover with some neighborhood boys - complete with pizza and cheesecake. They did whatever it is that little boys do at that age...LOL...staying in his room where we heard a lot of banging and scuffling. It wasn't until we smelled the burning that we became a bit concerned...and how right we were to be concerned. They had taken apart a DVD player, and were using pliers to create sparks of electricity! GEEZ!!! Will I make it through Garrett's teenage years??!!

School started back after Christmas break, and Lana made the switch to Reynold's Middle. After a few difficult days, and friendship from a very sweet McKenna, she made the transition smoothly, and is proud to be a Rocket!!

All in all, January showed us a promising 2009...sure to be full of adventure an excitement!

February 2009:

February was full of ups and downs. Valentine's Day brought lots of ♥...and a new Blackberry for me!! The girls and I all succumbed to the flu, giving us a week of rest at home...while poor Garrett tried ever-so-hard to stay away. His tactic must have worked, because he stayed amazingly healthy. Kaylee tried out for and made the track team, had a breakup, then a reconciliation. And Lana continued to thrive at her new school. I will admit, though, that we were glad to see February come to an end =)

March 2009:

March gave us eh promise of spring! We were all excited to have a few warm weekends mixed in with the lingering cold...allowing us to go on some awesome hikes. It was exciting to see the early signs of spring change daily. Because 6th graders aren't allowed to play school sports, Lana became a manager for the girls' soccer team, Garrett's baseball season began, and track meets started. As always, spring made sure that our schedules were as busy as ever! Probably the most significant event of the month was the dreaded high school registration. Kaylee and I sat through numerous meetings, pored over class listings, and finally registered her for a full schedule of honors academics. The sadness set in as I realized that my baby is slowly, but surely, growing up!!

The beginning of 2009 was just a preview of excitement and craziness to come...