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Saturday, August 23, 2008


The heavens have opened up....Garrett has found an author and series of books that he likes - actually loves - he can't put them down. Anyone who knows my little bundle of testosterone knows that he can be a little stubborn (understatement of the year?) especially when it comes to reading. I don't remember it being quite so difficult with my girls...they have had so many wonderful options (American Girl, Little House on the Prairie, etc). Now I know that you are thinking that boys can read and enjoy some of those as well, but in our house, if one of the girls does it, it is automatically classified as a girl thing...and Garrett will not touch it.

So today, we finally made an attempt at his weekly homework that is due on Monday (did I mention that he is a horrible procrastinator, too?) which includes 80 minutes of reading. Worried that he would never accomplish that feat, I started racking my brain and tried to remember Mrs. Quigley's 4th grade reading list. That brought us to the Soup series by Robert Newton Peck. He might like it.

The series includes real life stories based upon two best friends, Mr. Peck (Rob) and "Soup." Let me assure you that it includes the mischief that my son so heartily understands. Picture two adolescent boys breaking the stained glass church windows while whipping apples - or the boys tying up (yes, I said tying up) an old neighborhood lady so she wouldn't tell. To some boys, it would seem a great work of fiction - an escape of sorts, but to Garrett and those of us who know him so well, it represents reality.

If you happen to have a little monster like mine, and need to instill a love of reading, run to your nearest library and check out Soup. No disappointments...

Thank you Mr. Peck. Knowing that you made it into adulthood in one piece and became a successful author makes you my new hero!


parentingpink said...

Hi - found you on Twitter. Love the book - I have 3 girls, so don't think we'll be able to read it, but I love it that your son has found something he really likes to read :-)

Minxy Mimi said...

Sounds like fun books! I always read "boy books" The Hardy Boys" included!
Is he going to read Harry Potter? Those are awesome!

Lisa Marie Gittings said...

How funny! I'm going to be in this position in a few years...