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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My little activist...

Okay, so I'm typically not very controversial, but....

The girls and I are animal rights veg-heads. The great thing about Asheville is a)there is a great vegetarian vibe and community (not to mention awesome restaurants ;o) and b)if someone is not vegetarian, they tend to at least be accepting and accommodating. We couldn't ask for more, right? Not in the schools, it seems.

It started with Lana coming home from 6th grade telling us that the class will be dissecting in science this year. Nope- not gonna I made a casual mention to the teacher yesterday, thinking that she would be most accepting (especially since Lana and Garrett attend a charter school that has a somewhat more liberal outlook). I was a little surprised when the teacher gave her schpill about how it's only a body part, and the animal was already dead, blah, blah, blah...and that this was 6th grade - "they'll be fine." You gotta be kidding me! So because the animal is already dead, that makes it less inhumane? Nope..not in my (and definitely not in Lana's) book. When we left, I told Lana that the decision was in her hands, but I would support her and fight for her. What did my little princess do? She came home and ordered a bunch of these for her classmates and friends:

What a little activist she is becoming...I'm so proud!