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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wanna be a rock star?

I recently started teaching preschool in a program run by the Asheville Arts Center. I knew that I was excited about not only being back in preschool, but to have the opportunity in such a cool environment. But until last night, I had no idea just how cool of an environment it really is.

Last night was the open House for the Arts Center - a chance for the community to check out the programs offered - dance, music, drama, preschool. I was there to work, but had also planned on signing the girls up for lessons. We started out by signing Lana up for piano, and Kaylee for classical voice, and we thought we were done - until we saw this...

Rock U is the class, and it has to be one of the awesomest things I have ever seen!! 3 hours a week these kids practice and jam...stage presence, song writing, it's all covered - and they play real gigs! Remember the old Jack Black movie, School of Rock? This is Asheville's version....and Kaylee is psyched! Watch out Hannah Montana, she wants to be a rock star... (geez - now I'll have that silly song stuck in my head!)

EDITED TO ADD: The Hannah Montana reference is my attempt (not Kaylee's thoughts ;o) to be cleverly funny (HAHA).