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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Whew! We made it through a horribly hectic week, and none-too-soon. We started off in the beginning of the week putting together a last minute small party for Kaylee's birthday. She invited a few girls to join her at the pool to celebrate with cupcakes and swimming. Sounds like a good plan, right? Well, it would've been if someone had called the pool to verify that they would be open normal hours. As we stood at the gate waiting for the giddy gals to be dropped off, a pool employee came out and told us that the pool would be closed all week. WHAT?!!!! He explained that it had been on the city schedule that was mailed out at the beginning of the summer. You gotta be kidding me...I was supposed to actually read that? So, we trekked back down to the car, cupcakes in hand, while we quickly tried to come up with a back up plan. Bringing them home wouldn't work - the house was covered with layers of dirty laundry and dishes. There really was no where else to take a bunch of girls in bathing suits, so we cancelled out and promised to have a re-do soon. (Kaylee did meet one of the girls at the mall for an afternoon of shopping, so all was not lost :o)

The next day, Lana and Garrett started school...leaving me to wallow in the fact that my babies are in 4th grade (real school) and 6th grade (middle school EEK!). All went well with the exception of new lockers. It's a hereditary disability with the females in our family - opening lockers. For some reason they present an almost insurmountable challenge to my girls. Kaylee has learned to compensate...she leaves hers unlocked all year. But when Lana was faced with the same issue on that first day, she was terribly upset that she couldn't figure it out. In a rare moment of nurturing, Garrett offered to meet Lana at her locker to open it for her (awwww <3). The idea of her younger brother saving her at school did NOT set well with Lana, but she did allow him to loan her his combination lock to practice on. She was determined to master the skill. She fell asleep with the lock in her hand...and woke up still working on it. Finally, she got it...and was ready to give the one at school a try. Success...problem solved!

Kaylee had the luxury of waiting until Thursday to start school, meaning a few more sleep-in mornings. Maybe too many, because when Thursday arrived, it did so with a bang. The short version (and the one I'm allowed to share ;o) is that the first 2 days were really, really - I mean REALLY- difficult for Kaylee. She made it through - and even got in the car with a smile on Friday - so it is looking better.

So, with relief, I can say we did it! We made it through! And hope for an uneventful and easy remainder of the school year.