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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moving Stinks....

So it's been a way long time since my last blog. I would love to say that I have been too busy coming up with a plan for world peace or a cure for cancer, but the truth is that I am still trying to unpack from our move. I have to wonder how a mere 3 mile move (to a much larger place at that) can create such havoc.

The plan seemed so simple. Move everything into the respective rooms, unpack, and voila - done. What I forgot to account for was hours of Garrett's baseball games, Lana's GRITS and piano, Kaylee's music, too many dental appointments to count Oh- and work, too (whose idea was it for me to get a job?!). Tack on the extra child (Kaylee's bf), and it's a wonder that anything gets accomplished.

After cutting back some weekly activities - yes, we mourn that we might not have a rock star in the family, after all - I plan on starting this week in an organized and calm fashion. The to-do list is made, and I am starting to attempt tackling it. Have faith that by 2009, I might actually have it semi-together. to groom Franken-mutt!