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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween???

It could be because of the cold, the fact that the kids are getting older, or that Lana wasn't home, but last night turned out to be an anti climatic Halloween. Kaylee, Garrett and I started the night at the church's Hallowest festival. As we walked up to the festivities, Garrett pulled his costume off realizing that it was crowded - with a lot of adorably costumed children...young children. Garrett played on a few inflatables while Kaylee and I hung out in the cold looking for a familiar face (never found one :). After 45 minutes or so, we decided to try for a change of pace and went to the bf's baseball game. Another bitter cold activity. Kaylee and I finally succumbed to mother nature and joined the bf's parents in the car to watch, while Garrett claimed his stake at the concession stand - 1/2 price on everything! Garrett played for a couple of hours, we chatted and watched. Then the game ended, we went home, and the kids fell into bed. The end. No trick-or-treating, no candy, no major excitement. Is this what Halloween is for us now?

Happy (or not) promised here are the pics of Lana and Garrett's costumes. Kaylee was too dignified to dress up (LOL)