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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Crud

Crud season is officially here! Not that I would know firsthand or anything, because Mom's are not allowed to get sick - under any circumstances. I have fought the urge to share with my children that I have felt a little under the weather for the past week. Why? Because once I show my weakness, the hell begins. With the 3, it usually happens in this order: #1 says she's not feeling too great either (a ploy to sleep in and miss school? I think so) #3 realizes that it's PARTY TIME!! Mom will never have the energy to fight him when she's down (and I must admit, he's right). #2 usually comes to my rescue and keeps the home running somewhat smoothly (a sweet gesture that ultimately drains her and lands her in the sick bed). Add to that the fact that life will not stop - there is still school, homework, activities, and the dogs (especially the puppy) - which means that sick or not, I still have to get up and function like every other day.

So for now, I will cowboy up, go to the baseball awards, help with projects, and amuse the kiddos - while they are utterly clueless, and hope that they are in "sweet mode," which just might give me a chance to rest this off.